When I hear the word “living room” I immediately think about a traditional living room, but this time a Scandinavian one, or a mountain house. Any way, living rooms are usually very spacious and bright, colourful and full of natural light. That is exactly why I like this particular Blue Paint Living Room. It is truly beautiful and decorative and it makes the area look like a garden, with flowers and colourful vegetation around it. The blue paint is the detail that I have in mind for my purpose and the theme of this living room. If you have a living room, this is the room to mix it, to keep it cool and not too pretentious.

The blue of the walls is very nice and gives a nice atmosphere to the room, but also to the details placed near them like hanging lamps, pictures frames, decorative plants and even an old bookcase. All the furniture is carefully chosen and well planned, being perfectly combined with the blue paint. It is important to know how to combine colours, because their effect is so powerful, so combine it with all the beauty and purity and you will obtain a great looking living room design.

Brown Paint For Living Room Photo 2