Living room is one of the most important places in a house to be decorated and also the room where you can feel comfortable and pleasant when it comes to other people and you can be less definitely to them when it comes to interior design and decor. Today we’re having a look at a living room that has a certain traditional look. Still, it’s not just that. The living room is quite spacious and it even includes a certain antique and vintage pieces.

In this traditional living room there are at least two colorful couches that bring color and optimism. The TV is on it along with the over-the-door storage that can’t be missed. The grey woodwork sofa doesn’t go unnoticed all around the room. It’s a very nice piece of furniture that instantly adds warmth and cozyness to the room.

Brown Gray And Yellow Living Room Photo 2

The room has be mostly decorated with neutral elements like the white walls, the ceilings, the beige furniture and the occasional colorful details. This way the room doesn’t get monotonous and it looks more dynamic and bright. The grey couches add a dramatic touch to the décor, especially in the dining room where there’s a lot of colorful lighting and also more book storage and display shelves. The couch adds texture to the room and creates a nice zig zag pattern.

Brown Gray And Yellow Living Room Photo 3

The second bedroom shares similar characteristics. There are some warm and soft colors in there but there are also splashes of color here and there that add a fresh touch to the décor. There are some blue in there as well and blue is also found in accessories such as the wall decorations and shite oriental carpets.