Living room is the main component in any home. It has the furniture, the accessories, the colors and all the necessary accessories that make it comfortable to live there. However, the most important piece of furniture in any living room is, in my opinion, the coffee table. People have lots of little things that need to go in and take a backseat, but also some empty place to put them. They take up real estate and they put all kinds of objects there, but ultimately they manage to seem worthy of living in that place. So in case you’re looking for a living room with more unique than the average four poster Victorian style, just look no further because there are some very cool living room ideas out there.

This particular living room is not exactly unusual, but the décor is finding new meaning over time, and this is what allowed Jordan Smith to come up with this quirky design. Using traditional methods to make the most of the furniture layouts, this living room showcases a low, custom-built hidden bookcase that hides the normal living room furniture and completely hides those behind it. From the massive and imposing to the understated and minimalist, this living room is a great study of blending comfort with style in a very fashionable way.

Via: HomeDSGN

Brown And White Interior Design Living Room Photo 3