In the case of this interesting living room redecorating was almost inexistent. The one(smanship and personality) of this living room is unique and impressive. Alain Gilles, the designer of this project, chose such a bright, colorful, modern, traditional living room, that there is no way you will find what you want as your home. However, I can say that what was created is outstanding and worth sharing.

The designer had the challenge to make this living room unique. Among the few classic pieces of furniture, there was the rattan chest, the sofas or the long wooden table. The French antique wall system with the sofas, the armchairs, the coffee table and everything else was part of the room design. The sofa with white lounge cushions with white fabric upholstery, the Moroccan style chairs and the oversized lamp were things that completed the exotic look.

Brown And Turquoise Living Room Renovation By Alain Gilles Photo 2

The living room was not used for much and it was a shared apartment that consisted in the classic stateside furniture. However, some modern touches were needed. The designers added modern, contemporary, fashion and accessories and the result was the perfect blend between France, Scandinavian and modern styles in this room. The birch floor was covered with pillows, the room is filled with several different colors of pillows and cushions. The designers had to find a way to combine the traditional, cozy and modern elements but at the same time to keep the room cool and simple so the room got a polished concrete floor and a white, airy walls.{found on freshome}.

Brown And Turquoise Living Room Renovation By Alain Gilles Photo 3