The typical Scandinavian interior design uses colors such as grays and whites in various shades. They usually combine in small doses to create a warm and inviting décor. This living room has a very simple interior. The sofa is the main piece and the most interesting part. The lime green accent wall is not even a funny image. It’s a reflection of the fact that the sofa is actually composed of three colorful pieces weaving butterflies and their images.

The wallpapered wall is actually a very good idea. It creates a more casual and balanced interior décor. Also, the contrasting shade of turquoise is a very nice detail. The atmosphere in here is very casual and relaxed. As for the actual decorations, there are a lot of canvas and painting jobs to do in this room. The actual painting is not that complicated. Nevertheless, it’s a good cleanup resource and the painting paint huge numbers.{found on shelleystarr}

Brown And Turquoise Living Room Ideas Photo 2

Brown And Turquoise Living Room Ideas Photo 3