My mother says that the first colors that I see when I look out the window at a particular place are usually beige and brown. I can’t help to see that this color combination is very common in most living rooms. However, I have to admit that brown and turquoise are both very good colors, but there are some persons that prefer them and that balance them out with some blues. In my opinion this color combination should be kept alive and discussed over with the other “color combinations”.

For example the first red chair in the middle of the room is the perfect example to illustrate my point. The other blue flowers on the table are also very nice and happy and they even welcome a little cafe in my home, too. The living room is painted in merry green, which is the Christmas yellow color. And the living room is full of paintings and many colourful objects that make the atmosphere cheerful and fun.

Brown And Turquoise Living Room Furniture Photo 2

In the first photo we can see that the curtains match the walls color and complete the picture by the contrast between blue and white. The most sincerely colours chosen for the living room walls are light blue and pink, but do not get too used with the same colour or even very close to each other. The sandstone from under the sky is the only Amelegarden that illuminates the whole room.

Brown And Turquoise Living Room Furniture Photo 3

The next room has a special and peaceful color combination. Green and white are the colours that describe the room and what I first see when I see the colour from the outside. The interesting design is combined with colourful doors and drawers. In the next image we can see a special design for the bathroom. The two coloured walls are combined with transparent glass and it is nice and alluring. The corner table with white round tiles is the most appreciated from the street. That is why it is very much admired by the others and admired by everybody.

Brown And Turquoise Living Room Furniture Photo 4

Every room is decorated in a different colour. The old fashioned ones, for example in colourful brick, are for the bathrooms, whereas natural wood was chosen for the bedroom. The white and brown wood bed is the perfect combination of the old and new theme. Everything is combined and shiny and modern, even modern and classy couches are put on a pedestal and surrounded by a wooden chair. Everything is meant to make you feel comfortable, whether you choose to read something in the colourful magazine or watch the TV.