Many times there’s a theme for this season’s Easter, reminiscent of a summer full of sweetness and relaxation. For those lucky enough to have a beautiful living room to provide inspiration on, a less traditional approach is also an option. This time we have the perfect example to illustrate that.

It’s a small and simple nursery from Marimekko Old Hickory Tanlements which reminds us of that timeless and charming design fusion between a timeless shade of brown and a tasteful amount of turquoise. The room is also decorated with cute Easter eggs and vintage cars.

The car nursery décor is also very charming. Even though it’s quite small, it has an airy and spacious feel and the attention to details is spot on. The carriages are white and they are decorated with striking details. In the room we might as well take a look at that beautiful car nursery. It would stand out with its simple and tranquil design and all those small but delicate decorations that create a harmonious image.

Brown And Turquoise Curtains For Living Room Photo 3

The toys are a very important part of this room as they fulfill a double role. They are a must have when you’re planning for a kid’s room and they usually also make the transition from nursery to playroom or from the living room to the dining room. Of course, there are also the toys and the theme book. The furniture is also very important and it’s typically either minimalist and modern or colorful and sophisticated.

Brown And Turquoise Curtains For Living Room Photo 4

Brown And Turquoise Curtains For Living Room Photo 5