All interior design and decorating ideas go through the attic once. In the old schemes and more traditional homes people had in their homes brown, teal or icy shades. Somehow oak or other lighter shade isn’t as common this time. In these days it’s more rare and spectacular. Nowadays designers look for more versatile styles when it comes to living room decor. Here are a few ideas.

Take this living room for example. Its walls are decorated with wood paneled walls. The sofa and armchairs have that lovely wood frame which contrasts with the dark floor and flooring and with a black accent wall. The decorations are very interesting. They’re also emphasized by the light. The handpainted mirror is one of the most eye-catching pieces.{found on curbly}.

Brown decors tend to look sad and empty. However, sometimes it’s good to highlight them and to turn into art. For example, this living room really gets to enjoy the contrasts it offers. The fact that the walls have this light color the décor is very simple and goes well with the warm atmosphere.

A lot of people prefer simple living rooms with a warm look. To avoid creating odd contrasts and focal points you should use neutral tones. The style doesn’t need to be sophisticated. It just have something specific that creates a harmonious statement but also makes the décor stand out.{found on latestabudget}.

In order to create a cohesive look throughout a living room you don’t just have to use color and materials. You also need to think more and make a mental mistake. If you’re not careful you might ruin the whole décor. So the best thing to do is not to add too many things to a décor that will have too much charm. Stick with a theme but only try to include the most important elements.{found on kristine balanceson}.