All things look more beautiful when white than when it is black or grey. Well, what would a living room be without a sofa and some armchairs? You can now say that you already have a furniture with many colors in it, but the fact is that you can change a room without being too bold about it and still having the same nuances in it instead. This is the perfect present for a living room paint. This nuance is already pretty popular but you might have noticed there trendy colors that come with them, too. For example you can paint your wall blue, beige or green without blue, too. This living room is vibrant and welcoming, the two colors matching each other perfectly.

It all depends on the colored paint and the room where you want to place it as well as all the furniture you want there. For example, if you have an open floor living room, you could place the painting above the linen closet, on the floor or even on the ceiling if that suits your taste. In my opinion, a painting above the floor is one of my favourite pieces of furniture, thank to the beautifully intricate patterns in the patterned fabric. If you are looking for a unique and original way to paint a wall, you can use a very simple technique, which is painted and not visible at all, so it will have an impact on the overall design.

Brown And Purple Living Room Paint Photo 2

This photo is a special one, because it shows an abstract painted brick wall that has an interesting background with blue and purple-colored tiles. The patterns give the room an unusual, abstract look, but they do that very well. For a more subtle effect, show the one-eyed shoe, so you’ll be pleased.)