Designing a living room for two persons can be difficult. It starts with the ceiling because there are so many persons living in there. It also starts with the furniture. It’s difficult to create a warm and cozy décor for a single person that also has a big family. The living room has to be airy and, if you really want to cheer up a room, create a color theme that will help you do. It’s the first thing anyone will notice when entering this house.

So the key is to make all the furniture pieces contrast with the rest. Also, you can use color. This way your living room will be warm and inviting but you’ll still feel like in your own town house. To avoid a mixed décor, use bold combinations. Try to use colors that complement each other. Try to add warm tones of colors but don’t mix them in such a short span of time. When the space is limited, try to use the space in a more open environment. It’s the perfect solution if your living room is suffocating or evenfilmed with big walls.

Brown And Purple Living Room Decor Ideas Photo 2

If you don’t use all the furniture in the same area the room will feel overwhelming. A less-sized living room can be a little too open and stuffy. Instead, you can just add a few carefully-placed accessories. You can also have some green accessories placed in the background. The colors you use in this space should be soft but not excessively strong.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.

Brown And Purple Living Room Decor Ideas Photo 3