Living room is one of the most used rooms in the house. That’s why it has to look perfect and to have class. The living is important and it’s usually the right space for discussing the décor with the other furniture pieces. So when it comes to choosing a room, brown and blue should be more appreciated. It’s true that this is a quiet room and doesn’t really know how to express emotion or surprise but it’s also eye-catching in its pure form. Now let’s take a look at some decors that involve brown and blue.

1. The lounge/bedroom.

A very serene and calm room, this bedroom has an elegant and chic ceiling with pebbles detailing and featuring a brown-colored wooden floor. The bed is the element that makes this décor work. Notice that the décor is simple and functional. The sliding door in the sleeping area and the matching chairs/stools/chairs all work together to create a unique layout and an interesting layout.{found on site}.

2. The home office.

The office is a space that should always be as functional as possible, with a desk, storage, storage, cabinets and all the other work surfaces. It’s one of those spaces where family members would feel comfortable and where there’s no other child that would mind getting work done. Of course, a home office isn’t just space-saving. It’s also a very nice option for recreation, coffee, doing homework, crafting and various other activities. Let’s take a look at this contemporary office for example.{pictures from here}.

Brown And Blue Living Room Decorating Ideas Photo 5

3. The patio.

A similar approach can be shown here. This is a contemporary patio, with a casual décor. The furniture is made of European beech and each piece is unique. Even the rug has a different color. The curtains make the room seem a modern, fresh and inviting space.

Brown And Blue Living Room Decorating Ideas Photo 7

4. The kitchen.

This is another example of a contemporary kitchen. It’s not very large but is very inviting, elegant and stylish. The black furniture, the pendant lamp and the wall mirror and all these elements come together forming a harmonious décor. The chandelier is also an unexpected addition that emphasizes and brings together all the contrasting elements.{image from here}.

5. The bedroom.

Most of the bedrooms don’t really benefit from too much natural light so the lighting has to be ingeniously designed. This room, for example, features a series of windows that open to a terrace and directly connect the indoor and outdoor spaces. The accent lighting is modern and simple, making this room feel like a very pleasant social area.{images by; Katelyn James}.

6. The office.

I don’t know about you but the way you manage to work reflects on someone that runs the office, for that matter. It’s difficult to make a living room look or feel cozy when the atmosphere is completely monotonous like in the case of this office space. Designed by Studio Ogeme, the office was named simply “Office for O’s”.

7. The space you’re more comfortable with.

Because some portions of a home are not functional or live in the way you want it to, it gets less fair and boring. Sure, we know it is ok and it’s nice to change that although there still are limits to how it feels like. The office, however, is not an exception. This new concept might come in handy next time when you opt for office furniture that matches your office design.{image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6}.