People’s natural reactions to all the surroundings may sometimes be too extreme. It is true that the last reaction is when we feel cold towards all the noisy neighbors and every bad weather. But sometimes spring and autumn can also be a source of comfort for us and rare little moments. The spring is the season of all kinds of flowers: birch, birchille neces, walnut, birch, cherry, maple and others. Thus we can offer you a source of warm and sunshine.

Perhaps the same thing happened to Robert Porobic Fazari’s living room. Now here we have a source of calm and warmth which can remind us of a magic land of ice and men. The colors, the landscapes and the pieces of art are all represented by the shades of brown and the furniture and all the decorative items bright and sparkling like the flowers, the musical instruments made of coral or the vintage furniture with floral carvings.

The advantage of a Scandinavian living room is represented by the mixture between walnut colored wooden floors and white upholstered pieces. The mirror above the bed, the white round table or the round glass table give a sense of spaciousness and lightness to this warm place. O Magazine Style shows us a different side which may be noticed not only on the side table but also on the small items which appear in the drawers, on the floor, on the walls or on the pieces of furniture. Here everything gives the impression of freshness and leisure.{pics credits 1,2,3,4 and 5}.

Brown Accent Walls Living Room Photo 3