Living rooms are usually a neutral background. This is the first space you focus on when you decorate the house. However, at the end of the day, it’s also the living room and this means you have to start with it. Brown walls are a very beautiful color. It’s the color that suits everything and it can be matched with anything else. In the case of the living room, brown is a very suitable color because it’s able to complement both the interior décor and the colorful accent features and furniture but also to be simple and neutral.

Brown is a warm color that can blend in easily but it can be overwhelming in certain cases. To avoid that situation, you can mix and match different shades of brown and even different tones to create a harmonious décor. To point out the different brown tones, see the pictures and find out more about brown in general.

Brown Accent Wall In Living Room Photo 2

Leaving the space visually empty and to thus create roomy bursts of color, you can choose to paint the walls in smooth colors. Then of course you can use colorful accent furniture to create focal points and to create distinct objects and decorative features.

Brown is an excellent color choice for high ceilings as it allows the room to feel spacious, airy and open and fluid. If the ceiling is low you can still get that look by using a rug with a rich color. In the case of the room with a lot of windows, you can either create a cozy sitting area using armchairs and armchairs or to feature the whole color in a modern and graphical print on the wall.

In a room with white walls a different kind of brown is usually used. We usually associate this color with the cold winter months but it can also be used on the high ceilings as it creates shadows and creates contrasts. A warm tone of brown could be used for the above shelves if you want to create a cohesive décor throughout. If the room is minimally decorated try using a rug or a bold bedding, something larger than it will give the room an airy and spacious look.

When placing brown furniture in a space without making it seem limited, try using clear shapes, lightweight patterns and sleek textures. If you want the space to look airy and comfortable, opt for white curtains and avoid making the wall look empty. If necessary, place the furniture against a black wall. A few subtle accent colors should be enough to turn the room into a cozy home.