The coffee table is the central piece of furniture from the living room, the real central element of this room. It’s a must-have that both you like and you don’t like. A coffee table is a must-have because you never know when you’ll need it so it’s not worth planning an entire room just for this purpose. However, sometimes you just need a lamp and you place it somewhere so you don’t feel like it’s compromised or sits just waiting there too much. This is the case of some interesting coffee table lamps.

The Kinea table lamp has a design inspired by traditional lanterns. It’s an interpretation of the lantern that used to be around the hearth. It’s an interpretation of the lantern which would make perfect anOppopop lamp because of its shape. Now it can be used in any room without looking out of place. The lantern was originally used for insulating a nearby building or outdoors. Now it’s the only part of the room with a metallic structure. But it’s not the only piece of furniture covered in fabric. IT has an entire lamp made of fabric.

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The Kinea table lamp features a combination of metal and fabric. The design is contrasting. The metal is elegant and matches beautifully with the fabric. However, the fabric might not be the most comfortable part. Still, it’s designed to keep its shape and structure intact. The piece also has an ingenious and original shape. It was designed to be used outdoors, on the balcony of a garden or in the garden near your home. It’s a versatile piece that can be used on wet rooftops and sunbathing on sunny days.The Kinea lamp comes in four attractive colors. It’s made of aluminum and four different colors. It’s available in antique black, black-washed and white finish. Its overall dimensions are 25?H x 45?W x 11?D and it can be purchased for $94.80.

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