Living room is a place where people decorate their homes, where one tries to catch up with himself and make him or her comfortable while watching TV or playing various games. The living room is the place where people gather to chat and spend time together. It is also the place where the TV is set and the sitting there can be enjoyable.

The furniture is of blue color and one of the most eye-catching objects is the wall made of different sized items that have the same color or no color at all, obtaining the same effect. Each room is unique as each person has its own style and taste. The blue walls are making a theatre feel more intimate and nice and the furniture, despite their simplicity, use only one piece in a common style. Each of the rooms is perfect in its simplicity and each of them has personality and style, no matter it is a blue or a white room, there are some very nice items which give a personal impression.

For example you can add some simple, glass balls in the shape of an animal by simply placing them in a circle in the middle of the room. The funny thing about these glass balls is that they have a mirror under them, but the mirror can be opened wide so it reflects all these beautiful items you were wondering if you were still lucky. The glass is curved and shiny and makes a spectacular light and transparent decorative design, which makes the room nicer and brighter.

Blue Wall Art For Living Room Photo 2