The living room is a place for the family to spend time together during the day and during the night, during the day we all prefer a nice warm and cozy fireplace, a comfortable sofa or a coffee table and, of course, the family room. This is where probably the most important decisions are made when choosing furniture. In this case, it’s the color of the walls that sets the tone. Thus blue is the perfect color for a room with small children’s bedrooms. Blue is also a warm and cozy color and it blurs the boundaries between the two separate rooms.

The furniture is blue in color and it also has a vivid rug in white. The bedroom furniture is blue in color, brown in color and all the elements are shades of blue. A yellow table is a nice detail and the wall behind the TV is also painted blue. The furniture is also from Borax and it’s made of solid and engineered wood with chocolate cabinetry and chrome legs.

The shades of blue add calmness and harmony to this 120 square foot room. The blue walls give it a very nice look and also help create an airy and spacious look. The furniture is brown and traditional, the same as all the other elements used throughout the room. The blue walls also help create a connection with the outdoors, even when it’s actually the ceiling fan that turned this corner. Overall, the interior is calm, simple and relaxing. Its an eye-catching feature would have to be the fireplace, an element that creates the impression of a bigger space.