Here’s a blue sofa for everyday use, a blue nursery room and a blue living room for special events. All you need is a wall, a bookcase, a lamp and a candle. This way you will have blue decorations and even furniture. The sofa is most likely the most common piece of furniture in the house. However, there are other ways of introducing color in such a room. A very good idea would be to use wallpapers. That’s because wallpaper is very easy to maintenance. It’s like it’s on the wall, doesn’t bother nobody and it goes well.

Bookshelves are very easy to be repositioned. That piece of furniture that you placed against the wall doesn’t even cover the entire wall. It only covers part of it. Another good idea is to change the color of the bookshelf. By doing that the bookshelf can match the walls. Even the furniture gets to match the furniture. It’s a cozy atmosphere you can very well create.

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Flowers are usually seen as a decorative centerpiece in the living room but, as we all know, both beauty and color are important in any décor. So it would be a good idea to opt for a beautiful wallpaper with nice colors for the background. It can be a blue background with beige petals or something more matching, as you can change the design according to your preferences.

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If you really want something different you can also combine it with other colors. For example, if the background is blue, you can use colored petals for the base and a different nuance for the squares on the shelves. You’ll probably wonder why you don’t use vibrant colors for your shelves. They will definitely be the center of attention so it would be best to choose colors that are complementary to those tones. It’s also important to choose colors that set the mood for the room. The colors you choose are important for the space so it’s a good idea to use colors that are more than pleasant. It would be best to keep the color palette as coherent and simple as possible as to not miss the other colors.

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