When decorating the house, the designer has always looked for methods one can use to help the rooms get better and more airy, less crowded and, why not, to create an open living space that would also be more practical and functional. It’s exactly what the designer Giuseppe Bavuso had to do for each and every room in her home.

The living room designed by Giuseppe Bavuso features a very nice and clean color palette. It’s neither using too much color nor too little color using too much color but instead combining all the colors in an extensive pattern. It’s what sets the color of the furniture apart from all the other ones. The blue sofa is the main attraction. It has a very simple design and this makes it the perfect choice for this room. For contrast, a smaller rug is placed in a more vibrant tone.

The blue sofa is very simple but it’s also very cozy and comfortable. The way it wraps around the room and interacts with the furniture is very beautiful and interesting. It can also be used as a focal point. The walls have been painted in a blue tone of green while the floor has also been painted blue. This allows it to beautifully blend in and to make the décor feel harmonious. The grey flooring in the living room is also a very nice idea. It creates a nice balance of tone with the grey walls and dark grey floor. There are also spotlights in the ceiling and a beautiful painting on the walls.

Blue Living Room Furniture Sets By Giuseppe Bavuso Photo 3

Blue Living Room Furniture Sets By Giuseppe Bavuso Photo 4