Living room is an important part of every house. Designing a living room is probably the most difficult and challenging that you can think of. The photos of traditional and well designed living rooms would probably be the most daunting. The colors have to be nicely chosen. But they are there. Sleek designs, comfortable pieces, clean lines, minimalist pieces, all these specifications are found in a contemporary living room. The leathers are sophisticated and eye-catchy.

Velvet certainly seems to be the finishing material choice for such a living room furniture set. The mahogany finish on the coffee table and the acrylic furniture pieces give the furniture a particularly formal look. The color combination is quite vibrant and the details are very clear. There is an airy and open feel to the furniture pieces. Furthermore, the designers combined all the woodwork designed into the shelving unit with glass elements.

One of my favorite details is the color. Something about the contrast between white and blue that is very appealing. There is also a modern touch in the fact that all the furniture pieces are dark colors. The coffee table has a white design, with a wooden structure and glass details.

Blue Leather Living Room Furniture Set Photo 3

I personally like the name of this furniture set. It is very good and correct. It is recommended to have a sofa, a coffee table and a sofa and stools, all featuring similar colors, shapes and styles. They are so nicely combined, matching each other perfectly.

The set could be used for small spaces or for any other kind of specially rooms, like a reading corner or work place. You can use it with a large bookcase or as a nightstand, to create a very ingenious solution for your own room.