Many years ago the mirrors were part of our home’s décor. They had the possibility of changing the mirror’s design whenever you wanted to, to change the ambiance in the room and to turn it on and off. Well, nowadays you have the added advantage of choosing the best design for your bedroom or living room. For example choose blue drapes to make your bedroom look more blue and more serene while also emphasizing its main feature.

This requires more details, especially if the blue is not the main character. You might want to opt for a more pale color for the drapes in case they would also match other shades or the rest of the décor. And since the drape varies and goes beyond just the shape and material, other elements have to be taken into consideration. It’s why drapes can be replaced with blinds in a décor if you want to protect them.

Blue Drapes For Living Room Photo 2

You could have the drapes kept on the wall, if you want, or you could simply hang them from the ceiling or lighten up the floor. Pick the shades that best suit your décor. For example, if you prefer simple drapes you could have the drapes in burlap for a more rustic look or you could paint them yourself. The options are many.{picture sources:1,2,3,4,5}.

Blue Drapes For Living Room Photo 3

Blue Drapes For Living Room Photo 4