Our last few examples represent another sofa design from the same collection. This time the contrast is the coffee table and the two decorative cushions that can be found at the front of the sofa. The combination of decorative and practical pieces is always successful when decorating a living room. The combinations of colors and the design variations create a great visual impact.

Vanessa Mitrani anticipated your back andmotion and created this very comfortable and visually challenging sofa. Its shape and simple but attractive design make this sofa a star. The cushions cover up the area between the sofa and the wall behind it creating a thin canopy.

The shape was inspired by the petitepart trees, like trees on a spring morning. This living room collection features the same designs, also featuring the same pleasant combinations of colors and materials. They are visually challenging and they manage to interesting and convince you to buy the sofa, too.

Blue Couch Living Room Design Ideas Photo 3

Blue Couch Living Room Design Ideas Photo 4