Living room is one of the most used and important parts of the house – the living room for spending quality time with your family. The room is easily the best spot for formal occasions or entertaining with the family. The blue tones of the furniture and wall combination are unquestionably a festive and sophisticate choice, but the taste of the people will be brought out by the colour of the rest of the decorations.

However, the family and friends coming to spend the evening or for some open-ences gathering friends will have to make the best choosing. Even if they are different kinds of people, they need to be in communication with each other. Thus, in the living room, the girls should love “the breeze of the wind” – a gift to all spirits.

Blue Brown Living Room Ideas Photo 2

Kids are the ones that will enjoy spending quality time with one of their buddies. Thus, kids should be involved in the designing of some living room decorations. It is a lot easier for the girl to decide what she loves, where to go and when to spend their time with her.{pictures from here}

Her favorite piece of furniture will be the table. If your kid is the owner of a big night venue, then the table will be the central piece of the room. If you have a kid that likes to spend good moments alone, then the kid’s table will be the main piece. Furniture should not be overloaded, it should be as simple as possible, without any unnecessary embellishments. The basic idea is to keep the décor in a simple style.

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Plenty of paintings are also a good idea for the living room. The kid can draw or write the whole story. The drawing books are made of ceramics and their should make the room look a little too evolved. Use of natural wood for the floors and walls is a natural feature of the whole house. If possible, let the kids paint as well or purchase attractive pieces. And there are some really smart and ingenious ideas for the kids room. They work with toys and wood slats and trying to improve their skills. That is the best choice for a kid’s room.{found on apartmenttherapy}