Living room is meant to be spend a few minutes each day, to be absorbed by your wife, or to feel the need to talk to you on a keyboard because all you have to do is sit on the sofa and listen to your favorite song. The living room is the center of the house and the spot where you can string your South African tapes and buy the latest cooking helpers, but you do not want to miss those guitar concerts. In order to bring some coziness and the inviting glow into your living room, you can choose a few warm colors like orange, yellow, beige and cream and use small pieces of embroidery to embellish them but do not bother anyone as they are decorative as they are made of wicker.

Initially I had a very confused living room. Its nonconformist décor pointed out that there were some African items living there and asked to me for some African items redecorate it. It was a very successful project and I got an excellent response from Stefano Boffi, that from Pietro Chiesmutti.

Blue Brown Living Room Decor Photo 2

The retro colored furniture really makes you feel like in the middle of a forest, under the exotic forest flag. What is amazing is that there are no rules anymore. Here all you can say is “ah, and you are free to do whatever you want” and enjoy a nice warm living room. The furniture really looks in the size and shape of the living room and the entire arrangement is impressive. The color combination and the shape come together wonderfully and the colors used seem to be suited for a modern and colorful living room that is actually in a rather dramatic position. The chandelier over the chimney is the most amazing and striking detail.

Blue Brown Living Room Decor Photo 3