When decorating the living room, the first things in your house to see is probably the walls. There are probably a lot of different shades of grey, pale tones, beige and probably also some other colors that you might not be very fond of because they are not what you would want especially in your living room. And that is why it is better to turn your attention to the ceiling as a kind of source of color or having to paint it so as to match it with a certain color.

Grey is an excellent color choice in a room. You might think that it is a shade that neither makes any color, but it’s actually a shade that makes the room look nice and cozy. It is recommended inroadomes specifically for small rooms. They provide a little bit of comfort to a room by making it feel warm and welcoming.

The carpet in a room with a grey tone must be small, as it will not cover up the floor or gain any unnecessary extra space. The lighting fixtures should be modern and minimalistic, preferably in black and white. A little touch of personality is sufficient. The bathroom is a great place to try out the grey tone. You can have a tiled shower or some grey wall mosaic in the room.