When decorating a living room there’s not as much of a variety as it would if the décor were to follow particular themes. Still, even though the trends are different, there’s always one thing we all appreciate and that’s that theme: the color combination. It’s the same when you’re trying to achieve a uniform and straight-forward look. It’s often simpler to stick with a certain combination but it’s also easier to achieve if you use the right colors and combinations of colors too.

Bordeaux is a particularly beautiful color and very beautiful shade. It’s a neutral so it can be easily mixed with black, red or other dark colors. There are many colors which can be combined like this, including blue, red, pink, purple and some yellow. Bordeaux is also commonly called Palace or Rococo. There’s a sofa version, also known as the Rococo Sofa 1 and 2. It’s part of a larger collection with the same name. The sofa version is also available is a wider version.

The sofa version is imposing and has a rich, creamy look with burgundy accents which gives it a more vintage look. A more modern version is featured by theplasticette. It’s a collection designed by Estiluz and it features a floral pattern as well as tones of yellow, blue and red. The pieces look glamorous and very stylish.

And here’s an example of an oval coffee table with a white top and a chrome base. It’s called Tub and it has a very simple but also eye-catching base made of powder-coated steel. The chrome footrest can easily be made from metal as well and the table has a high and linear design. The overall dimensions of this product are 17.5’’w x 14’’d x 19’’h.

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Also inspired by an oval table, the black and white collection by Patricia Urquiola is called one after the ring. It has an exclusive hand-applied finish that makes it look like a vintage piece. The design is also contemporary as well as very simple, even minimalist. The coffee table is available in white lacquer, oak, coffee tables in the same family or walnut.

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