The living room is the place where people use the living room every day for the party, bar etc. That is why it is important to match the furniture and other pieces of furniture as they work their magic that makes the room look great. Any way, the most common colour for the furniture in the living room is blue, as this is the colour of god and peacocks. Then the furniture in the room have royal characteristics, too and so, too. For example the blue drawers and doors are the most commonly used ones around the room and , of course, with blue …. So basically, the blue furniture in the room must be combined with the shades of cream, white and black. I allways hate peacock ware and I certainly wouldn’t want to be disturbed.

But this picture of the blue living room design from home decor ideas would be a (temporary) solution if you want to create a calm place to live in, away from the stress of the city.

I’m the one who tried the “night club” idea, in Swedish style, for traveling writers and got an idea to turn it into a more modern place to live in. The rooms in this house are small and have little furniture like in the living room for example. I think the design is actually good looking and interesting, too.

Blue And Cream Living Room Design Ideas Photo 3

Blue And Cream Living Room Design Ideas Photo 4