For the lover of fashion, brown is an excellent color like blue and browns.The best combinations in traditional décor are the two colors.The beauty of brown can be easily integrated in any design. You can make a room look richer by selecting the right brown color accents like wood details, table of furniture lines etc. The result will be a pure balance between blue and brown. The two colors can also be combined in other way, for example the main color in a décor would be white. You can use variations of shades of brown in order to create a pop-art piece or mixed variants with bright colors such as orange.

Brown is also a color you can use to make a dark shade of brown feel lighter. Use browns or even walnuts to create a rich look by highlighting their texture. You can opt for an intense shade like teal or sky blue.

Blue And Brown Living Room Ideas Photo 5

Deep leather in the dining room is a rare and interesting color. Use dark brown leather for an elegant effect and pair it with vibrant accent chairs such as the Tulip chair or the Butterfly chairs.

Another way of making brown feel brighter and more eye-catching is to keep everything else simple. For example, a green chair without nail heads, stained with blue or yellow paint, without large amounts of matching details and with colorful flowers. You’ll create a visual clutter but it will still be beautiful.

In the case of a bedroom, that would be the place where all the light comes in and it would also be a way to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, especially if the room has a warm and also a little cozy bed. Add a brown bed which complements the bed frame or headboard and maybe even a brown slipcovered sliding door for that.

In the case of living rooms, the color brown is excellent because it creates a sense of spaciousness so try to use it mostly in the case of the bedroom. A light brown or beige bed can be the perfect shade for a minimalist living room design. The rest of the décor is neutral and stylish.

Brown is a color that combined beautifully with white. If you opt for a brown rug, carpet or floor surface this would be a perfect background. If used in the dining room, then use a brown table or low table and pair it with a grey sofa.

Brown is also a color that seamlessly complements a white décor, as long as the rest of the features are also simple and use neutral colors. Still, don’t forget the accent colors. A brown living room can also feature a white sofa or some matching armchairs and a brown coffee table placed in between them. Mirror casually spread throughout the room to suggest the movement between the elements is also a subtle distraction.{all pics from bhg}.