When decorating the house there needs to be a combination of colors. If the place is white and decorated with black, then it looks even more beautiful and elegant and it is easier to find other colors to bring in there. This particular living room looks like a very harmonious mix of black and white . The chandelier is very elegant and beautiful, the white sofas are muted and the other black elements are strong but pleasant.

I really like the rug, rugs have that sophisticated look. They look like cloths on a velvet bed. The coffee table is also very elegant and all. The living room is actually a smaller than expected, so it has been decorated with a single couple of white inhabitants. They are all L-shaped couch and side tables. It looks like you placed there in a different universe, but it’s very nice to be back in the same world, in the same apartment, in the same world, and to enjoy the same view, even in the same place, with different people, all on the same surface.

Also the kitchen and bathroom are all very modern and minimalist, with fine wooden floors and white walls. And the all contribute to the whole modern atmosphere with beautiful and minimalist furniture, all over the place. The only thing that you might not notice is the white sofas that can be found everywhere, in the apartment. I like their soft seats and ample back cushions. I like their modern style. The bathroom looks like a small palace with modern accessories, all of them beautiful. I like the paintings especially, which are very beautiful. The chandelier is particularly eye-catching. The black and white chairs is particularly striking.{found on bellevivir}