White and pink are just some of the options available in a living room in a living area, but also in bedrooms, living room, even house. It’s a source of inspiration for painting your ros or writing on the walls with pink. All of them look particularly good when combined in such a way that the effect is very beautiful and stylish.

The first thing that you need to do is choose the rug that you prefer in order to make the room more comfortable for you and also to decide on a warmer color for the furniture. Usually people are afraid of the darkness of the dark color for their bedroom so maybe these shades are not the best choice for the room in the morning. Here’s a pink living room that was designed by Cynthia Lynn for her and you can see how she succeeded to create the cozy and peaceful ambiance in the room.

Black White And Pink Living Room Photo 2

The light pink used for the rug is very nice and soft, almost pink, and gives a nice feel of etherealness, not too hot for the eyes. You can see some clear pink flowers painted on the walls, on the tables, but there are also flowers in other pieces like some books, some paintings or on the Simo style sofa, so that the room is delicate.

Black White And Pink Living Room Photo 3

The second nuance: soft and delicate lilac is a style for the living room and it is used for the rug. I love the combination of lilac and black for the pictures, I think that there is at least a hint of color in there. Thanks! .