Decorating with black walls is always a good idea. It’s a strong and bold color but it can also be a little too strong and cold. So if you prefer the comfort of a cozy bedroom, a fun and colorful living room would be great choice. Here’s a selection of wall stickers that might inspire you. As you can see, they are quite variety of colors and patterns. The black and white combinations work well in combination with white or beige, brown or combination of colors.

There’s a very beautiful set of wall stickers that features the black wall and white chevron lines. There’s not a pattern that is not created by the combination of colors, even if the lines are on the paper. It’s a modern and colorful collection full of great ideas and looks very chic.

Black Wall Stickers For Living Room Photo 2

Another great thing about wall stickers is that they really make a statement. You can choose any colors you want by choosing a simple design. It’s a set of three items showed here with different sizes. You’ll also need some adhesive, spray adhesive and paper. To order the complete set you can exclusively be removed from the house by simply adding an opening in the wall, without having to take off the sticker.Available for 13.24$.