Black is not a very common color when it comes to furniture and home design. However, there are a few persons that prefer it and wish to be able to include it in the design of their home. One of the ideas would be to use it is as a way of introducing color and pattern into the décor without using the usual elements that you might think to use in this particular room. A perfect example for that is this black wall cabinet.

When you look at this cabinet you immediately feel overwhelmed by the design of the room. That’s because it doesn’t have exactly the typical features you would expect. That’s not something anyone can get away from. As you can see here, the cabinet has a more modern design and the contrast between the black and white frame and the glass and mirror frame is just perfect. The cabinet has a very simple and contemporary design. It contrasts with the framed mirror but it can be successfully incorporated in any room of the house.

The black and white frame is a classical choice in this case and the mirror and the cabinet are just two decorations. However, the two areas can be combined to create a more dramatic look if used separately. In this case the black and white frame can also be used as a shelf. The shelves can be combined with other matching decorations and either used to store books or decorations.{found on houseandhomeboutte}.

Black Wall Cabinets Living Room Design Photo 3

Black Wall Cabinets Living Room Design Photo 4