I don’t know what are we even supposed to do? Or what are we supposed to do? We are supposed to feed the cows, feed thenuts, feed the herbs, they deserve what they want, no matter they want it. No matter they behave like these animals, they are kept in their natural place and they deserve what they deserve. In this case the thing is, you got it, you need to pay attention to all aspects and to do something about it.

Remember that system of bookshelves back in those days? They were a must have and they deserve to be analyzed and exhibited. In the same time, you should never show your books and pictures, to display them in any way. Of course, libraries used to be a very important part of such spaces and for similar reasons. So we all need bookshelves. And most classic and modern bookshelves had these systems in place.

Black Shelving Unit Living Room Design Photo 2

Now you can have minimalist and very simple shelves, perfect for any modern and contemporary living room. The shelves are less than 1 to 5 feet long, perfect for storing both books and decorative items like maybe a few plants or candles. But you can also go for something a little more artistic and colorful, like maybe a bunch of small lamps we all have in our homes. These are just two of the options you can opt for if you are willing to go there and want to buy something unique and unusual for your home.

I really like these shelves. They look very nice hanging above our dining room table but also in our home offices, on the hallway and even on a porch. They are very attractive, simple and stylish and they would look very nice in a modern living room, hanging from the ceiling and offering us a place to place a small statue or maybe another item we wish to have near us.{pictures from amazon}