This is the living room table set. It’s a combination of black and white, with a smaller number of pieces in terms of table top and leg replacements. The table is a modern mix of simple and eye-catching. The combination of white and black seems like it’s been a creation of some artist, maybe in the past. However, this is a very peculiar color that doesn’t really suit a table. Still, it looks very nice.

As you probably know, black and white striped furniture nowadays have a particular look. It’s because sofas don’t usually use this color in the common areas of the house. They are usually meant to enhance the beauty of the walls and to look elegant in their own right. This table is featuring a black and white striped tablemat. The table matches the legs just like the one in the living room. Also, the table is only the third part of the china cabinet.

Black Living Room Table Set Photo 4

The two top visually- this is the most interesting part. The table is made from real layered stone. The Picot bronzetta was designed to have this contemporary look with a modern touch. The table is available in two sizes. It’s $600 plus $50 for the version that is just a regular four-poster set. Be sure to place the table in a protected area under your mattress or in a corner of your room so you don’t have to get up in order to open the door each morning and steal all your precious space.