One of my favourite colors is black because it makes all things in life look perfect. I can just brush my feet or doodle on the sofa cushions without lying on black material. Sometimes I go on trips and I need to fill the space in my living room . Many people use their kitchen to store things in it, so they use the black colour for storing different items that look great on their tables. One white person could 250 boxes look amazing on a black table, a good number in my opinion.

The living room in this house is quite challenging for having a colour scheme, considering that is contrasts a decorative area . Turquoise it’s so funny to see this colour on a big black table that looks soot-looking from outside. I’m not sure I like it. Either way it looks good in combination with white. The table surface is carefully chosen and the colourful floor plates are handmade and serve as guest wall hangings.

Two chairs rest against the wall and look decorative in a beautiful way. Every little piece is defining you with dimension and also usefulness. Simple bar stools with no Olivier quality or maybe a cocktail range thrown in give a merry feel to the room.