The tones of the year are deep and mysterious. When decorating a room in a certain way and to achieve a certain mood the effect can be very strong. For example, you might be tempted to choose some black and grey furniture and nothing more. However, a good idea is to think of a combination of all the neutrals. It’s a great idea to use black as a color and grey as a blend and complement but don’t exaggerate.

You could have something white and brown for a grown-up living room but you could also make something a little more vibrant and dynamic. You don’t necessarily have to use pastels. You can use a few vibrant shades and add some pattern and texture to the room to create a more dynamic feel.

The walls could also be dressed in grey tones as well. A few rich and vibrant colors could really create focal points in the room and you can use them to create various patterns and different textures. You can also make various patterns with pastel items and combine them for a contrasting look.

Black Grey And Purple Living Room Designs Photo 3

Soft patterns can also look beautiful in the living room. If you want to create the right mood, use the right colors and go with bright shades. But if the room is small, you should try something less structured. It could be fun to make little accessories and decorations to decorate the walls with and these can be a very nice example.

As far as the furniture goes, it’s a matter of preference. You can go for classic chairs with wooden feet for a traditional look or you could go for a more rustic and tradition look. Either way, be sure to have a sturdy and durable frame made from solid wood, either the wooden frame from an old piece of furniture or something that’s mounted on the wall.