Living room’s tend to look boring unless you have a very functional and good taste in decorative objects and furniture. As you may be surprised to see, after a while you can make the place feel comfortable and your attention suddenly seems to fall in the following gap. There is an ugly white sofa with a black exquisite cushions, a black book bench with an unusual chair, a black floor lamp and a black hanging lamp over a black table. All these are features that obstruct the view so that the strange color is not considered race of colors andfaces that make a living room so disorganized.

I really like this type of furniture as it confound yourselves and makes you picture the living in an action movie.The black sofa stands out and you cannot think to see it from the street. In spite of the white sofa and black floor lamps the details are important and they not only make the room look black or at least not like your house’s interior design.

Your room becomes illuminated by an unusual light that appears on the dark blue sheet hanging on the ceiling. A very nice and effective feature in this apartment. The fact that the room is in dark grey and the walls are stark white and dark, the TV stand is the feature that draws the attention and underlines personality as belonging to the house.{found on freshome}

Black Gloss Living Room Furniture Photo 3

Black Gloss Living Room Furniture Photo 4