Glass tables, also known as classy or elegant pieces of furniture, usually have a top and a bottom. However, in some cases glass tops can be incredibly stylish. In the case of the living room they increase the space a lot and can be extremely versatile. A very nice example of glass tables is the white one presented on grey-kelter. In this case it has a white rectangular white stand and a glass top and the decorative elements contribute to an overall stylish décor.

The combination of white and dark tones also characterizes this white table design. As expected, a glass top and glass base are two side elements of this design but not always the main ingredient for what we are looking at. In this case we have a more minimalist look. The top is not overhanging and the legs don’t follow the stools but rather form a line through the center of the table.

Black Glass Tables Living Room Design Ideas Photo 2

This contemporary dining area features a very beautiful and stylish example of glass as well as a mirror. The white table is very simple and has a transparent base that allows the vibrant accent shades to stand out but doesn’t obstruct the creativity. The small glass stools are an excellent addition, taking the cake in the room. They only help maintain the light and simple décor.

Black Glass Tables Living Room Design Ideas Photo 3

The next example is also beautiful and elegant. It’s a rectangular dining table with a glass top and a minimalist base that only offers two options. In this case the top is not overoriented but rather covered with tapered legs that help keep the design even more sleek. The chairs are a great intermediate shade.

This traditional living room is also decorated with minimalistic pieces. It has a glass top that can only be reach through the glass base. The classical black and white combination is always elegant decorations and details that can be recreated with more modern pieces such as colorful lamps or mirrors. In this case, the long curtains and the tall chandelier are just some other examples of details that can be recreated by the chic glass top.

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