Living room furniture tends to be very simple, with very few details and decorations. It would also be a good idea to choose such a furniture piece in order to create a simple, elegant and pleasant décor for your living room. When you have a minimalist home theater you don’t necessarily need some fancy pieces of furniture in order to create a nice look. You can just use this collection of simple, black glass tables.

The square shape would also look great in any living room, regardless of the décor you have in mind. These tables were created to not only perfectly illustrate the owner’s style, but they also add elegance and style to the room. A simple design makes a statement and a beautiful finish. The glass table was designed to be used separately or as a large central piece. It’s a relatively small item, so it can be used in a very small room. In this case, the main focus is on the clean lines and simple lines seem to be balanced wonderfully.

The table is available in multiples color options. This is a very nice example of this modern approach, where functionality and style go hand in hand. This allows you to choose the model with the best storage space for all the items you want to store there. This way it takes very little space and it also provides you with height and shape. With a transparent glass table you easily have a clean room and easy access to all your stuff while in a stressful day at work.{available for 1500$}.

Black Glass Living Room Tables Photo 4