The black carpet is a common choice for kitchens, dining rooms or any other place where you expect to be able to easily create contrastive effects. Sometimes it is more practical to use black carpet in small bedrooms, where the atmosphere is not so important and when you are a student you may enjoy having a hard time finding the shortest carpet to put on your carpet as black is a color you may sit on for several hours without too much rug. In this case I think it is important to have a black carpet because the atmosphere is the important thing and not only. Usually the furniture to underline this atmosphere can be an Eiffel Tower, so it’s important to have such an object in your home.

In this case you can add some beautiful colorful decorative pillows and a black and white picture on a black carpet to create the overall design, so it will be more attractive. You could also use a black ceiling, white walls or all the colored objects in between, depending on your preferences.

Black Carpets For Living Room Photo 2

As for the rest of the room walls, you should use a black carpet with colorful decorations or patterned pieces, depending on the style you have chosen for the room. If you really want to attract the attention of the visitors, you should use wallpaper on one wall with black accents or maybe opt for a few black and white decorations, but only if complete.

Black Carpets For Living Room Photo 3

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