Living rooms, like many other spaces, should be decorated with a few color accents in order to go along perfectly with the rest of the room. Black and white furniture is particularly suitable in such a room because of its powerful visual impact. The combination of black and white is very elegant and it goes very well with all the other colors. I like this living room design of Pierre Yautelin Architecte because of the simplicity of the pieces and the way they are combined and separated by rich color accents.

As you can see, almost everything on the walls, from furniture to walls, doors, windows and so on is decorated with black and white. I particularly like the furniture pieces: the sofas in dark colors and the two paintings sitting on the table in the corner.

In the living room there’s a modular sofa with white fabric upholstery. Two matching armchairs sitting next to it complete the set. The sofa in graphite black leather and complete the entire set. The TV wall is a great feature. It has all black modern window panel and black wooden accents with sketchy and yet very relaxing and homely touches. The big mirror with glass on the wall is not invasive but it just might make a diffie come over it.

This living room is the perfect balance between colors and style. I like the little cherry blossom printed ottoman and the modern pouf and the decorative pillows. The color contrast is really beautiful and I love everything about it. It’s a very fresh and colorful space, with a modern décor, not to mention that the rug is really interesting and I would love to spend all day in it, relaxing in there, not only by the pool but also by the pool light.{found on freshome}