Living room is one of those spaces where you can be comfortable to fall in love with either with the chosen style or color. Black and white living rooms are a classical combination but it is possible to add some rhinestones to your home with different names. This living room is so modern and so simple, yet so elegant. The walls have been painted black and white and there are some pictures hanging on the walls. These pictures contrast with the black couch and chairs and there’s a special chair in there that is called the “Alina” because of his design, too, so that you can have a strong contrast and a funny look for such a living room.

There’s not much furniture in here, so it’s a snug space for a sofa or a couple of chairs and a coffee table. But you can also have some fun and decorate it in all sorts of fun ways, this way making it a very original and creative space where you can spend your time and enjoy yourself. Smaller details bring in an international style, but in the same time the result is a cozy, inviting, and cozy atmosphere where simplicity is the key element.

A modern living room calls for a big plant on the coffee table, so people spread the bedeaut or sofa along with some cushions in bright colors like yellow or orange. A classic and also elegant combination of colors like light blue, white, beige and navy blue. This call for simplicity fills the room with warm, comfortable tones of wood combined with the modern pieces of furniture.

Probably the best place where you can spend your relaxing days is in the kitchen. The kitchen is the room where all the functions get the most modernity, where technology and practical people coexist. There is one place in which that simple design and some European influences blend themselves perfectly, so it’s a successful combination of styles. Glass table with glass shelves on top of it, modern and colourful chairs, next to the glass table, a modern fireplace and many other decorations are just some of the aspects that bring people together nature-wide, but nice .

Black And White Living Room With Red Accents Photo 4

Black And White Living Room With Red Accents Photo 5