Living room rugs are specially designed rugs that can be applied in different ways to cover a variety of surfaces. This concept was very successful when the designer, Chista Verde brought his idea of the ideal living room rug into the kitchen. It’s not something that can be used in the dining room, since the kitchen is a place where usually the guests eat. However, these rugs have another function. They can provide rugs to match shelves, cabinets or other furniture and pieces of furniture. And, of course, there are variations to be adapted to the décor.

All the rugs presented here share in common the fact that they are arranged in a linear and simple manner. They are designed to be used for functional purposes, more exactly to store and display books and other objects while also being used to create focal points in the room.The Star lamp is the result of the designer’s reflections when working with black and white stripes. When paired with black and white stripes the result will be very striking. The two colors used for the stripes have very similar characteristics but have different tones and the result is a one-of-a-kind design.

In this case, for example, the black and white stripes match perfectly for the shape and design and they complement each other beautifully by being thin and created with vertical and horizontal stripes. The chocolate brown used for the ground floor and for two of the bedrooms is a warm and inviting color but it’s also a neutral and matches with the other black and white pieces the grey square table and all the other accessories in the room.

Black And White Living Room Rugs Photo 3

Black And White Living Room Rugs Photo 4