Living room curtains can create a sensation of comfort and they can increase the impression of limitlessness. If you feel that the curtains seem to be pulled all the same in a room, well why shouldn’t that? Especially in the living room where the décor is minimalistic and your walls are square and plain, why should the curtain be a vital part of the overall design? Curious how you can change the ambiance in your living room with just a simple change of color? The answer is simple: by changing the color of the curtain, the curtains color will change. Here are a few ideas that might help: adding some tassels (old tassel ties), near the ceiling, hanging a white curtain, or simply by hanging a tassel above the table, to add a refined and domestic touch to the room.

One of the most popular curtains nowadays is the one of vertical florals. These curtains have a peculiar design, as they are made of silk that manages to become cool and soft at night. The florals are available in variety of shades modern and intense colors. You will be surprised to know that they are hand crafted in India, by a local craftsmen and master craftsmen in China.

Black And White Living Room Curtains Photo 2

Most of the curtains can be arranged differently, depending on the colour of the background and the size of the curtains. Besides these unusual designs, curtains can also be a feature in a contemporary living room, a bedroom, a closed environment, a man cave, etc.