The black and white combination is a timeless mix that has been around forever and is still going strong. The black and white combination is frequent throughout history and it’s an elegant mix of colors that go from ordinary to extraordinary. This black and white living room carpet is actually very beautiful. It’s also very easy to clean. Just use warm water and detergents. The carpet is natural, in color reminiscent of the trees in your garden. Still, it has that elegant old look.

The carpet is very strong and durable but still it has a beautiful modern look. The thick pile rug is a great complements the room. The rug has a lacquered finish and it’s covered so it doesn’t cover the whole area. However, it can completely cover a small area. The carpet has a very nice geometrical design, with black lines. It is made of cotton and it’s very soft, warm and pleasant for the eyes. The collection also includes beautiful offerings like the set of ottoman or chair, the collection of ottomans or footstool and extra cushion. The price varies according to the size and message you choose for the gift.