Living room is an important part of every house. Whether you want to add richness of colours and create a luxurious interior design to your room or you are ready to take a hands-on approach for decorating the living room, we would like to show you an elegant and classy leather sofa set. You can choose theblack and white leather living room furniture set for your home.

The set features sofa pads and armchairs and the table is also featuring leather. All the pieces from this set are made from eucalyptus ad that is resistant to moisture, so you should be careful when you decide on the material.The set comprises an 8? sofa table and matching ottoman. The set is sturdy and robust and is easy to clean, as all the tools mentioned are safe and washable. Make sure that the table or ottomans are solid and safe.

The price for this set varies from EUR303.02 to EUR2. persuade it away. The dimensions are w Ft. each: 88’’ H x 46’’ L x 20’’ D.

Black And White Leather Living Room Furniture Set Photo 3

Black And White Leather Living Room Furniture Set Photo 4