If you have a living room and you want to add a few touches of black to it or if you simply want to make it look more classic and classy, you’ll be surprise to find these curtains.

The Black and White collection is hand-made in Senegal, Senegal, and it consists of several different types of curtains, each with its own lovely design. The basic design with white stripes is applied first on the wall, then on the doors and they are applied vertical, behind the double large transparent curtain. The curtains are not huge, but they are very thick, so they are very useful, covering the whole wall.

The Juicy collection offers you all sorts of solutions for a size of a curtain and, in addition, the same principle applies to colors. All of them are available in a Oil Rubbed Bronze ($400) or gold (450) models. You can choose from a variety of bold colors like turquoise, vermillion or teal. All of them are very beautifully colored. Juicy is the perfect place to put your shining new entryway, as there are many storage and display areas that look fantastic.