This is a first project that we like best. It’s a living room, meant to be cozy and inviting and where people can sit down to relax before they get back home from work. With that in mind, the furniture doesn’t look like it’s entirely an airy space. However, there are some subtle details that add style and elegance to the room. For example, the black and very light brown combination that makes this living room seem more spacious.

As we all know, such combinations of colors are very beautiful and practical but it’s nice to have such a cold color in the design of your home. In order to create some harmony in the room such a color was included in the design of this living room. The wooden ceiling beams match the walls perfectly. They help create a warm atmosphere and a pleasant mood. The flooring also shares a similar relationship with the walls. The sofa in very beautiful and the fireplace is the focal point of this room without overlooking it. The furniture, the decorations, all have a very clean and minimalist appearance.

It’s the perfect environment for a living room. It’s too small to have too hard furniture so the usable space is very thin. To emphasize the functional aspect of this area, bold colors were used throughout. The most eye-catching detail would have to be the carpet. It gives the room a very nice texture.