A black and white interior, contrasting with more modern elements, creates a nice frothy and colorful living room. Designed by Andreas loss Mahlke and himself and equating “black shell with white” with the continuation of the black and white amalgamations, this living room is a proof that style doesn’t have to be losing its brightness. In fact, style must be on the up, getting a makeover and challenging itself.

The “H” shaped furniture set stands out for its simplicity and interesting shapes. The base and the short legs of the legs are elegant and make everything look elegant, even if it’s not. It’s a very simple and basic combination that is being emphasized by the furniture. It’s a very clever idea. The colors used for the upholstery are also chic and simple. It’s a perfect choice for this particular image. What I really like about this furniture set is the combination of styles. You can choose between the contemporary and the classic. There are some really interesting combinations that can be enjoyed from this image.

Black And Teal Living Room Furniture Set Photo 2

The black and white is always a beautiful choice. It’s a elegant choice, a combination between modern and traditional elements. This is a modern furniture set, with a modern look. It’s not too bright and it’s not too dark either. It’s just the combination of colors that are still neutral. It’s a nice choice when you want to create a uniform look. There are a lot of options to choose from and they all work well together.Available for 599$.

Black And Teal Living Room Furniture Set Photo 3