Spanish designer Elías Rizo has designed these black and tan living room ideas for the Los Jolidesens in Barcelona, Spain.

Living room ideas by Elías Rizo and Alejandro Villarreal:

“A broad base for a specific setting, or set of living rooms, was the starting point for the renovation work. The desire of the designer was to design a contemporary space with a straight and neat entrance and the perimeter has just the tiniest bit of give. The whole place was to be stripped to the bare and for this to be achieved by connecting the inside and the outside to be considered as one. In order to achieve this, the walls and the inside walls were connected before the renovation, creating “towers” that could also be used as lounge areas and reading nooks.

To counter the effect of the boundary between the internal and the external, we wanted to create a sense of continuity between the two spaces by removing dematerialization steps. At the same time we wanted to create a connection between the inside and the outside, flooding the whole area with light and creating peaceful, comfortable places for relaxation. The instinct of all was to open the area to the amazing views, with the recessed glass doors flooding the whole apartment with natural light.

Black And Tan Living Room Ideas By Elías Rizo And Alejandro Villarreal Photo 4

The aim was to achieve a very clean, contemporary and exclusive living, all designed to impress aesthetically and provide harmony with the classics. In the living area, a palette of white and black emphasized by toned down decorative wall textures, combined with a floor of beige toned down and a white painted wood with a walnut valences. The kitchen also had to have a glossy set backsplash between cabinets and countertops.

All the bedroom suites had to be redesigned to feature a contemporary look, in which case subtle intervention was required. The original bay windows were preserved and they were complemented with Juliet balconies and Castell Cobourboire wall panels.

The patio which had been preserved as well as a new dining room, now also functions as a terrace through three bedrooms each with its own bathroom, laundry facilities and personal service areas.

All new windows were installed in white to set off the deep mahogany tones of the existing floors, irregular plain stone work walls, rustic timber deck ceiling, etc. Newly designed terrace basins were used to heighten the views of the city, from the joyful corners of the small settlement.”

Photos by: João Morgado

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