This living room collection is from the Marcio Kogan collaboration. It’s indeed a daring approach and innovative approach. The collection presents a very interesting and yet extremely simple and innovative furniture collection. The basic elements are black and silver and they look absolutely stunning. The collection is a combination of furniture and wall art. The items feature a very interesting texture and they are both impressive and minimalist. There a variety of prints and patterns and they are all very beautiful and interesting to look at.

The artwork is almost completely black and the shapes and lines are simply there. The only strong colors are the rhino’s check. Also, the overall black and white palette is very simple. The pieces have very nice curves and compact shapes. These would make very nice accent pieces for a modern living room.Add large black and silver artwork to any living room and choose pieces of strong design that would stand out. The option of choosing one of these bold pieces is very appropriate.

Black And Silver Living Room Furniture Set By Domenico Ito Photo 2